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The Chambered Nautilus has always been my favorite invertebrate - I love the way it will build a new living chamber when it outgrows the current one.
It serves as a metaphor for my life and my art......creating new as I build upon the old.
Welcome to my journey!

    Each piece is meticulously hand-crafted by opening and closing individual jump rings for a polished look, with an end goal of providing high-quality chainmaille jewelry. There are endless weaves and variation on those weaves so I am constantly learning and creating. Many of my pieces are OOAK or one of a kind due to materials used and time taken to make them.

      I use Stainless Steel in many of my creations. This metal allows the wearer to go into the ocean, shower or pool without worry. Many of my clients wear my stainless pieces and never take them off. The bronze I use is also marine-grade but, unlike stainless steel, it will develop a beautiful patina and darken over time if you allow.


     Copper is another one of my favorite materials to use, both in rings for chainmaille and as accent pieces. Many of the accent pieces have been flame painted using a propane/oxygen torch, a process which requires precision and is dependent on the temperature and humidity of the day, among other variables. These pieces are then sealed so they will retain their colorful patterns. This gives the copper pieces a uniqueness that often is difficult to duplicate so you are truly wearing a one of a kind piece!

     You will note many of my pieces are Titanium and Niobium, both elements on the Periodic Table. They are physiologically inert and hypoallergenic and Titanium is used in medical applications such as pacemakers and prosthetics. Niobium is primarily used in industrial and jewelry applications and in their natural states are similar in color to Stainless Steel. The gorgeous rich colors are achieved by putting the metals into an electrolyte solution and applying electricity directly to the metals which in turn oxidizes the exterior of the metals. The voltage will determine the color and the rainbow patterns are created by increasing voltage over time. The colors will vary based on the Grade of Titanium and Niobium and are never the same from hour to hour, much less day to day.

     Anodized aluminum is bright aluminum with a dyed coating.  Care should be taken with anodized aluminum as the colored coatings may be scratched or may be affected by the wearer's body chemistry, lotions, oils, etc.  Each piece can be easily cleaned with soap, warm water and drying with a soft cloth.  


    Other materials I use in my creations are jewelers brass, Czech glass beads,  Scarab wings, Japanese seed beads, Swarovski crystals, pearls, hand crafted lampwork and ceramic beads. The clasps and pendant chains are Stainless unless otherwise noted and the earring hooks are 304 Stainless Steel. I make the earring hooks by hand so if you would prefer another metal please let me know. All of the jump rings and wire used are made in North America. I endeavor to source the remainder of the items it use from North American companies as I believe the quality is far above that of other countries.

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