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Nautilus Creations - Modern Day Armor


Look for new items to be posted as I master new weaves and play with new techniques in metal. My favorite materials are stainless steeel, copper and bronze but I also work in niobium, titanium and brass, 


I use flame to 'paint' copper to bring out beautiful colors.

My newest obsession is hand-anodizing titanium and niobium. I have a bench anodizer and can get all colors with the exception of black, red and orange using electricity.


My designs may currently be found at the Bottlebrush Gallery in Harmony, PA and Source Gallery in Lisbon, OH.  I give classes for children at the Gallery during the summer months and also have adult classes throughout the year.

I may also be found at Art Festivals in the Southwestern Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio areas. I am constantly adding new shows so please check back often! If there are any Art Festivals in your neighborhood please send me an email and I'll see if it fits in my schedule!



hoodoo lb.jpg

Inspired by a Byzantine necklace that was a gift, I started researching methods and materials used to make armor. Besides offering protection from the slings and arrows of war I realized the armor also projected a sense of confidence to the wearer. It was then that I realized I wanted to make armor for the modern day battles we all face. 


With 2 pliers (and quite a bit of arm strength!) chain maille is brought to life again in the 21st century. Using variations of weaves found in European, Persian and Japanese armor I weave jump rings one at a time into complicated patterns and often incorporate semi-precious stones.

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